A. N. Ramaprakash

A. N. Ramaprakash

Contact: +91 020 2560 4299

E-mail: anr [at] iucaa [dot] in

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Prof. Ramaprakash's research interest is astronomical instrumentation. In the recent past, he has been largely involved in setting up the IUCAA Girawali Observatory, which has a 2m diameter optical, near-IR telescope and associated back-end instruments. He has also worked on CCD and near-IR detectors and data acquisition systems, cold optics and cryogenic design, testing and assembling, integral field units using optical fibres, OH-suppression spectroscopy, polarimetry etc. His observational interests relate to polarimetric studies of a range of astronomical sources such as pre-main sequence stars, brown dwarfs, galactic molecular clouds, and observations of transient phenomenae like GRBs and SNe.