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08 March 2024

'AstroSat' captures escaping ionizing photons from galaxies at cosmic noon

15 February 2024

AstroSat uses its full Multi-Wavelength Capability for the first time to unravel the Secrets of the Black Hole X-ray Binary MAXI J1820+070

27 January 2024

AstroSat’s CZT Imager detects polarised high energy X-rays from the accreting black hole Cygnus X-1

08 December 2023

New Breakthrough: Aditya-L1's SUIT Captures First Light Images

25 August 2023

The first data release from the MeerKAT Absorption Line Survey (MALS)

03 July 2023

Scientists propose solution to measuring pace of Universe expansion

08 June 2023

Scientists have unveiled significant patterns of X-ray polarization within a black hole system

03 April 2023

Gravitational lensing helps see the invisible dark matter

21 March 2023

Jet blowing bubbles in the Teacup galaxy

15 February 2023

MeerKAT Discovers a Distant Galaxy has Very Large Hydrogen Atoms

30 November 2022

The mysteriously bright flash is a black hole jet pointing straight towards Earth, astronomers say!

04 November 2022

IUCAA scientists discover an enigmatic giant radio galaxy!

20 July 2022

Witnessing the ‘live’ formation of dwarf galaxies with AstroSat's ultraviolet-eye

20 May 2022

Black hole bonanza: India’s AstroSat witnesses black hole birth for the 500th time

29 April 2022

A low power jet from a supermassive black hole is seen to clear out gas from a galaxy's centre

25 July 2019

Indian Scientists discover vital clues to identify the source of the highest energy cosmic rays - particles coming to Earth from the Universe

02 April 2019

Do black holes from early Universe really make up all of the dark matter?

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