Post Doctoral Fellows:

Name of Post Doctoral Fellow
E-mail address (id given in brackets should be followed by
Office Extension (For phone numbers please dial +91-20-25604 followed by the given extension numbers)

Name Office Ext.
Sajad Bhat
sajad.bhat 397
Souradeep Bhattacharya
souradeep 205
Swadesh Chand
swadesh.chand 344
Atrideb Chatterjee
atrideb.chatterjee 122
Jaiverdhan Chauhan
jaiverdhan.chauhan 108
Anindya Ganguly
anindya.ganguly 397
Akash Garg
akash.garg 218
Tanuman Ghosh
tanuman.ghosh 108
Edmund Herenz
edmund.herenz 109
Stanley Johnson
stanley 344
Anisha Kashyap
anisha.kashyap 225
Saikruba Krishnan
saikruba.krishnan 218
Moupiya Maji
moupiya.maji 641
Vibhore Negi
vibhore.negi 397
Prasia P
prasia.pankunni 219
Sneha Pandit
sneha.pandit 344
Dhruv Pathak
dhruv.pathak 221
Suchira Sarkar
suchira.sarkar 208
Mayur Shende
mayur.shende 344
Chiranjeeb Singha
chiranjeeb.singha 221
Subhashree Swain
subhashree.swain 397