Prof. Shasvath Kapadia

Shasvath Kapadia

Contact: +91 020 2560 4299

E-mail: shasvath.kapadia [at] iucaa [dot] in

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Prof. Shasvath J. Kapadia’s interests span a broad range of topics in gravitational-wave astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology and data analysis. In particular, he is interested in exploring novel ways in which gravitational-wave astronomy can interface with other branches of astrophysics. He has worked on identifying gravitational-wave signals in noisy data and identifying eccentric gravitational-wave signals, with machine learning; gravitational-lensing of gravitational-waves and corresponding electromagnetic counterparts; rapid classification of compact binary merger signals into astrophysical categories; early-warning of compact binary mergers to assist rapid electromagnetic follow-up; constraining rates of compact binary mergers; using the stochastic gravitational-wave background to constrain aspects of early-universe cosmology; testing general relativity with gravitational-waves, in particular, constraining the time-variation of the gravitational constant; among others.