Prof. Rajeshwari Dutta

Rajeshwari Dutta

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E-mail: rajeshwari.dutta [at] iucaa [dot] in

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Dr. Rajeshwari Dutta's research interests lie in the field of galaxy formation and evolution. She has expertise in multi-wavelength (UV, optical, NIR, mm, radio) imaging and spectroscopic observations and analysis of galaxies and quasars. Her work focuses primarily on addressing the following open questions: What is the interplay between galaxies and their multiphase gaseous halos, termed as the circumgalactic medium? How does the galaxy-halo gas connection vary as a function of cosmic time, galaxy environment, and gas phase? What is the role played by gas and galaxy mergers in the evolution of active galactic nuclei or AGN? How do AGN affect the ambient gas and ultimately galaxy evolution?