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Galactic inflows and outflows on all Scales


February 02 - 05, 2023, IUCAA, Pune

Inflows and outflows in and around galaxies are important drivers of their evolution. Both inflows and outflows occur across different scales; ranging from the nuclear region close to the supermassive blackholes to the intergalactic medium. Outflows are powered by different physical mechanisms, viz. nuclear starburst, AGN driven winds, relativistic jets. Such outflows leave their imprint on the galaxy and its environment to varying degrees, regulating the evolution of gas and metals in and around their host halos. Inflows also occur across scales from IGM filaments down to clouds condensing and infalling within the black hole sphere of influence. Some of the key questions of interest would be:

  • How such inflows and outflows occur and over what time scale?
  • How are the small and large scales related by these phenomena?
  • How do they affect the evolution of gas and stars in the galaxy over different times?
  • How do they influence the formation of stars?
  • What are the observational signatures of such events and how do they relate to theoretical models?

The workshop will bring together researchers in India working on these topics, including observers, theorists and simulators, to have a common platform to share their results. The workshop will be organised as an in-person meeting.

Invited speakers:

  • Hum Chand
  • Indranil Chattopadhyay
  • Gulab Dewangan
  • Ravi Joshi
  • Ruta Kale
  • Nishikanta Khandai
  • Preeti Kharb
  • Dharam Vir Lal
  • Vivek M
  • Sowgat Muzahid
  • Biman Nath
  • Anand Narayan
  • Suvendu Rakshit
  • Somak Raychaudhury
  • Prateek Sharma
  • Raghunathan Srianand
  • C.S. Stalin
  • Bhargav Vaidya

Venue: IUCAA, Pune
Date: February 02 - 05, 2023

Eligibility: The workshop is intended for Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers working in domains related to the topics above.

Important dates:

Registration deadline: December 09, 2022
Date for selected candidates to be informed by email: December 19, 2022 onwards

Scientific Organising Committee:

  • Dipanjan Mukherjee (IUCAA)
  • Prateek Sharma (IISc)
  • Sowgat Muzahid (IUCAA)
  • Preeti Kharb (NCRA)
  • Ruta Kale (NCRA)

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For any queries: Please write email to - galflows2023@gmail.com