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Galaxies are the fundamental building blocks of our universe. Their shape, size, and stellar masses cover a large dynamic range - modeling of which makes it one of the most challenging problems in modern astrophysics. When it comes to their livelihood, most galaxies occupy a limited volume of the universe - either in groups, clusters, or superclusters - these are the dense environment in which galaxies spend most of their lifetime. Galaxy clusters provide essential insights into several fundamental astrophysical processes, such as ram pressure stripping, galaxy harassment, and cooling flows. Such denser environments are ideal laboratories for investigating the nature of dark matter, properties of intra-cluster hot gas, baryon recycling, and galaxy-galaxy interactions.

The availability of multi-wavelength observations from ground and space-based telescopes and cosmological simulations has revolutionized the understanding of cluster and group formation and their subsequent evolution. At the same time, there is an ever-growing number of distant clusters and proto-clusters, allowing one to gauge the early formation of these dense environments in observation. The large volume of data from various wide-angle surveys across many wavelengths provides us with the right opportunity while posing a challenge to extract crucial information.

This one-day symposium will provide a platform for researchers to discuss the current status and understanding of the various astrophysical processes inside the densest environment of the universe. This is also to pay tribute to eminent astronomer Somak Raychaudhury for his immense contribution to the field.

Venue: IUCAA, Pune
Date: December 19, 2022

Eligibility: The workshop is intended for Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers working in domains related to the topics above.

Scientific Organising Committee:

  • Dipanjan Mukherjee (IUCAA)
  • Prateek Sharma (IISc)
  • Sowgat Muzahid (IUCAA)
  • Preeti Kharb (NCRA)
  • Ruta Kale (NCRA)

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Image Credit: NASA, ESA, J. Mack (STScI) and J. Madrid (Australian Telescope National Facility)