1957 - 2021

Professor Thanu Padmanabhan (“Paddy”) was an internationally acclaimed, Indian Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist, who passed away on 17, September, 2021 due to a cardiac arrest. We are deeply bereaved by his untimely and unexpected demise.

He was a prolific researcher and devoted his career mainly to understand the nature of Gravity. With over 300 peer-reviewed articles on Cosmology, quantum and classical gravity, and many other branches of physics, he is one of the most-cited authors in the Physical Sciences in India. His highly original textbooks on Astrophysics, and several other publications on popular science and history of science, are some of the most widely-read in the subject.

He was one of the founding members of the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) in Pune, where he was a Distinguished Professor and J. C. Bose Fellow. He was also a loving husband and inspiring father and is survived by his wife, Dr. Vasanthi Padmanabhan and his daughter Dr. Hamsa Padmanabhan who have our deepest condolences.

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He was a great student and a very popular teacher, and I enjoyed his jovial nature and companionship. I was hoping that he would continue with his good work for many more years.

Jayant V. Narlikar

PhD Guide, Friend

I was amazed by his sharp intellect and lightning mind, and his uncompromising standards, at that time- and he hadn't changed a bit in any of these in all these years.

Somak Raychaudhury

Colleague, IUCAA Director

Society is going to be very much poorer by his absence, but life has to go on. The modest way in which we can pay our tributesis to continue the rich traditions of creativity and originality which he always spread with infectious enthusiasm.

K. Kasturirangan

IUCAA Board Chairperson

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