“Saraswati”- one of the most massive large-scale structures in the Universe discovered

Indian astrophysicists identify mega-structure of galaxies 4 billion light-years away - several scholars and faculty of Indian Universities involved


The distribution of galaxies, from Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), in Saraswati supercluster. It is clearly visible that the density of galaxies is very high in the Saraswati supercluster region. The typical size of a galaxy here is around 250,000 light years. The galaxy sizes are increased for representation. (Downloadable .pdf File and .png File)


Two most massive clusters of galaxies in the Saraswati supercluster : “ABELL 2631” cluster (left) and “ZwCl 2341.1+0000” cluster (right). “ABELL 2631” resides in the core of the Saraswatisupercluster. The Saraswati supercluster has a total of 43 clusters of galaxies. (Downloadable .pdf File and .png File)

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