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  1. Please ensure that you have Curriculum vitae (Resume) in *.pdf format ready with you, before you start filling in the application (See item No. 10 and 12 below).
  2. Please restrict the size of the Curriculum vitae (Resume) file to be uploaded to 5 MB.
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12. Upload your Curriculum vitae (Resume) - in *.pdf only*:
Please include name, affiliation and email address of three to five references/referees in your resume .pdf file.
I hereby certify that the fore-going information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have not suppressed any material fact or factual information in the above statement. In case I have given wrong information, or suppressed any material fact or factual information, then my selection is liable to be terminated, without giving any notice or reason therefore. I am not aware of any circumstances which might impair my fitness for employment. I also undertake that, I am possessing all the relevant certificates/documents
issued by relevant competent Authority on the date of submitting this ONLINE application.
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