This links you to articles I wrote which could be called "philosophical" in conventional terminology.  

Nearly 99.9 percent of the people I know belong to one of these four categories: 

  1. They believe philosophical discussions are bullshit and people indulging in them are at best misguided and at worst idiots.
  2. They pretend interest in philosophy since it offers an easy route to act profound at dinners (sipping a drink and stroking a beard, if available) - and eventually appearance of profoundness can be encashed for more practical goodies in life.  
  3. They are occasionally curious but by and large happy with the locally available gods to answer their prayers.  
  4. They think they know-it-all and do not require any further inputs in this subject.

If  you don't belong to any of these categories, you just might like to look at this article

After  you have read it, may be you might like to look at this article on Gita, which I wrote, available in pdf form