Last Updated on 20/11/2012

2012 Preprints                    
(This is only a partial list of publications by IUCAA Members and Associates )             

No. Author/s  Title 
19/2012 Santanu Das Cosmological solution of Machian gravity
18/2012 Santanu Das On the wavy mechanics of particles
17/2012 Santanu Das Machian gravity and the giant galactic forces
16/2012 Nidhi Joshi, Santanu Das, Aditya Rotti, Sanjit Mitra and Tarun Souradeep Revealing Non-circular beam effect in WMAP-7 CMB maps with BipoSH measures of Statistical Isotropy
15/2012 Aditya Rotti, Moumita Aich, Tarun Souradeep WMAP anomaly: Weak lensing in disguise
14/2012 Santanu Das, Tarun Souradeep Dipole leakage and low CMB multipoles
13/2012 Aditya Rotti, Tarun Souradeep A New Window into Stochestic Gravitational Wave Background

Christoph Luhn, Krishna Mohan Parattu and Akin Wingerter

A Minimal Model of Neutrino Flavor
11/2012 S.V. Dhurandhar, W.-T. Ni, and G. Wang Numerical simulation of time delay interferometry for LISA with the simplification or having only one
10/2012 Abhik Ghosh, Jayanti Prasad, Somnath Bharadwaj,Sk. Saiyad Ali, Jayaram N. Chengalur Characterizing Foreground for redshifted 21-cm radiation: 150 MHz GMRT observations
09/2012 Ruta Kale, K.S Dwarakanath, Joydeep Bagchi, Surjit Paul Spectral and polarization study of the double relics in Abell 3376 using the GMRT and the VLA
08/2012 Anju Maurya, Shantanu Rastogi, Gael Rouille, Friedrich Huisken, Thomas Henning  Experimental and theoretical study on the infrared spectroscopy of astrophysically relevant PAH derivatives 2- and 9-vinylanthracene. 
07/2012 Pranjal Trivedi, T. R. Seshadri and Kandaswamy Subramanian Cosmic microwave background trispectrum & primordial magnetic field limits
06/2012 Naseer Iqbal, Naveel Ahmed, Mubashir Hamid & Tabasum Masood Correlation functions for extended mass galaxy clusters
05/2012 Rakesh K Rai, Shantanu Rastogi Modeling anomalous/non-CCM extinction using nanodiamonds
04/2012 Durgesh Tripathi, Helen E. Mason, James A. Klimchuk Active region moss: Doppler shifts from Hinode/EIS observations
03/2012 N. V. Voshchinnikov, Th. Henning, M. S. Prokopjeva, H. K. Das Interstellar polarization and grain alignment: the role of iron and silicon
02/2012 N. D. Vagshette, M. B. Pandge, S. K. Pandey, M. K. Patil Dust extinction and X-ray emission from the star burst galaxy NGC 1482
01/2012 M. B. Pandge, N. D. Vagshette, L. P. David, M. K. Patil Systematic study of X-ray Cavities in the brightest galaxy of the Draco Constellation NGC 6338