Last Updated on 21/12/2011

2011 Preprints     

No. Author/s  Title 
24/2011 Jayanti Prasad, Jayaram Chengalur FLAGCAL: a flagging and calibration package for radio interferometric data
23/2011 Zoltan Batiz and Bhag C. Chauhan

Green's Function Formalism of Holography with Arbitrary Mass,
Spin, and Dimensionality


Pushpa Khare, Daniel Vanden Berk, Donald G. York, Britt Lundgren, Varsha Kulkarni.

Exploring the dust content of SDSS DR7 damped Lyman alpha systems at 2.15 < zab < 5.2


Laura G. Book  Marc Kamionkowski  Tarun Souradeep

Odd-Parity Bipolar Spherical Harmonics

20/2011 Nidhi Joshi, Aditya Rotti, Tarun Souradeep Statistics of Bipolar Representation of CMB maps
19/2011 Jayanti Prasad, Tarun Souradeep  Cosmological parameter estimation using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
18/2011 S. G. Ghosh 5D Radiating black holes in Einstein-Yang-Mills-Gauss-Bonnet gravity
17/2011 Shruti Tripathi, Ranjeev Misra, Gulab Dewangan, Shantanu Rastogi Soft Time Lags in the X-Ray Emission of Mrk 1040
16/2011 Amir Aghamousa, Mihir Arjunwadkar and Tarun Souradeep Evolution of the CMB Power Spectrum Across WMAP Data Releases: A Nonparametric Analysis
15/2011 Withdrawn    Withdrawn   
14/2011 Moumita Aich, Dhiraj Kumar Hazra, L. Sriramkumar and Tarun Souradeep Oscillation in the inflaton potential: Exact numerical analysis and comparison with the recent and forthcoming CMB datasets
13/2011 Tarun Souradeep Beyond the standard cosmological model with CMB
12/2011 Sanjeev Dhurandhar, Hideyuki Tagoshi, Yuta Okada, Nobuyuki Kanda, Hirotaka Takahashi The cross-correlation search for a hot spot of gravitational waves
11/2011 Rizwan Ul Haq Ansari and Sanil Unnikrishnan Perturbations in dark energy models with evolving speed of sound
10/2011 S. Paul, L. Iapichino, F. Miniati, J. Bagchi, and K. Mannheim Evolution of shocks and turbulence in the formation of galaxy clusters embedded in megaparsec-scale filaments
09/2011 Tarun Souradeep Early Universe with CMB polarization
08/2011 Tarun Souradeep `Standard' Cosmological model & beyond with CMB
07/2011 Sibasish Laha , Gulab C. Dewangan, Ajit K. Kembhavi X-Ray warm absorption and emission in the polar scattered seyfert 1 galaxy MRK 704 
06/2011 S. V. Dhurandhar, W.-T. Ni, G. Wang Numerical simulation of time delay interferometry for LISA with one arm dysfunctional
05/2011 S. V. Dhurandhar Gravitational wave astronomy- astronomy of the 21st century 
04/2011 Naseer Iqbal, Mohammad Shafi Khan and Tabasum Masood Entropy changes in the clustering of galaxies in an expanding universe
03/2011 D. B. Vaidya and  Ranjan Gupta 

Infrared Emission from the Composite Grains: Effects of Inclusions and Porosities on the 10 and 18    μm Features

02/2011 Maryam Arabsalmani  and Varun Sahni The Statefinder hierarchy: An extended null diagnostic for concordance cosmology
01/2011 Yuri Shtanov and Varun Sahni Generalizing the Cosmic Energy Equation