2009 Preprints


Last updated: 19/12/2009

No. Author/s Title
45/09 R. Guimara~es, R.; P. Petitjean [et al.] Damped and sub-damped Lyman-alpha absorbers in z > 4 QSOs
44/09 Nidhi Joshi, S. Jhingan, Tarun Souradeep and Amir Hajian Bipolar Harmonic encoding of CMB correlation patterns
43/09 Jan Hamann, Arman Shafieloo and Tarun Souradeep Features in the primordial power spectrum? A frequentist analysis
42/09 P. Noterdaeme, R. Srianand and V. Mohan Quasars probing intermediate redshift star-forming galaxies
41/09 Suresh Chandra, Amit Kumar, M.K. Sharma Anomalous absorption in thioformaldehyde
40/09 S. V. Dhurandhar, T. Souradeep [et al.] AIGO: a southern hemisphere detector for the worldwide array of ground based interferometric gravitational wave detectors
39/09 Rakesh K. Rai and Shantanu Rastogi The Scattering and Extinction Properties of Nanodiamonds
38/09 Himan Mukhopadhyay, Hideyuki Tagoshi, Sanjeev Dhurandhar, Nobuyuki Kanda Detecting gravitational waves from inspiraling binaries with a network of geographically separated detectors: coherent versus coincident strategies
37/09 Mudit K. Srivastava, A. N. Ramaprakash, Mahesh P. Burse, Pravin A. Chordia, Kalpesh S. Chillal, Vilas B. Mestry, Hillol K. Das, and Abhay A. Kohok TELICS-A Telescope Instrument Control System for Small/Medium Sized Astronomical Observatories
36/09 L. Christensen, P. Noterdaeme, P. Petitjean, C. Ledoux, J. P. U. Fynbo Uncovering strong MgII absorbing galaxies: Imaging below the Lyman limit
35/09 Shiv K Sethi, Biman B. Nath, Kandaswamy Subramanian Primordial magnetic fields and formation of molecular hydrogen
34/09 Axel Brandenburg, Karl-Heinz Radler,Matthias Rheinhardt, and Kandaswamy Subramanian Magnetic quenching of alpha and diffusity tensors in helical turbulence
33/09 S. Sridhar, Kandaswamy Subramanian Shear dynamo problem: Quasilinear kinematic theory
32/09 Andrew W. Baggaley, Carlo F. Barenghi, Anvar Shukurov, Kandaswamy Subramanian A Reconnecting Flux Rope Dynamo
31/09 S. Sridhar, Kandaswamy Subramanian A non-perturbative quasilinear approach to the shear dynamo problem
30/09 T. R. Seshadri and Kandaswamy Subramanian Cosmic Microwave Background Bispectrum from Primordial Magnetic Fields on Large Angular Scales
29/09 C. S. Stalin, Patrick Petitjean, R. Srianand,A. J. Fox, F. Coppolani, A. Schwope Optical identification of XMM sources in the CFHTLS
28/09 Patrick Petitjean, Raghunathan Srianand, Hum Chand, Alexander Ivanchik, Pasquier Noterdaeme, Neeraj Gupta Constraining fundamental constants of physics with quasar absorption line systems
27/09 M. Vivek, R. Srianand, P. Noterdaeme, V. Mohan, V. C. Kuriakose SDSS J092712.64+294344.0: recoiling black hole or merging galaxies?
26/09 P. Noterdaeme, P. Petitjean, C. Ledoux, R. Srianand Evolution of the cosmological mass density of neutral gas from Sloan Digital Sky Survey II - Data Release 7
25/09 Saumyadip Samui, Raghunathan Srianand, Kandaswamy Subramanian Understanding the redshift evolution of the luminosity functions of Lyman-alpha emitters
24/09 P. Noterdaeme, C. Ledoux, R. Srianand, P. Petitjean, S. Lopez Diffuse molecular gas at high redshift: Detection of CO molecules and the 2175 A* dust feature at z=1.64
23/09 Andrew J. Fox, J. Xavier Prochaska, Ce'dric Ledoux, Patrick Petitjean, Arthur M. Wolfe, Raghunathan Srianand Metal-Enriched Plasma in Protogalactic Halos: A Survey of N V Absorption in High-z Damped & Sub-Damped Lyman-alpha Systems
22/09 Saumyadip Samu , Kandaswamy Subramanian, Raghunathan Srianand Models of high redshift luminosity functions and galactic outflows: The dependence on halo mass function
21/09 N. Gupta, R. Srianand, P. Petitjean, P. Noterdaeme, D. J. Saikia 21-cm absorbers at intermediate redshifts
20/09 Nishant Mittal, Kumud Pandey, Udit Narain, S.S. Sharma On properties of narrow CMEs observed with SOHO/LASCO
19/09 Joydeep Bagchi, Joe Jacob, Gopal-Krishna, Norbert Werner, Nitin Wadnerkar, Jaydeep Belapure, A. C. Kumbharkhane A diffuse bubble-like radio-halo source MRC 0116+111: imprint of AGN feedback in a low-mass cluster of galaxies
18/09 R. J. van Weeren, H. J. A. RNottgering, J. Bagchi, S. Raychaudhury , H. T. Intema, F. Miniati, T. A. Enslin, M. Markevitch, and T. Erben Radio observations of ZwCl 2341.1+0000: a double radio relic cluster
17/09 Joydeep Bagchi, Gopal-Krishna, Marita Krause, Santosh Joshi A giant radio jet of very unusual polarization in a single-lobed radio galaxy
16/09 Joydeep Bagchi, Joe Jacob, Gopal-Krishna, Nitin Wadnerkar, J. Belapure, Norbert Werner, A.C. Kumbharkhane Diffuse bubble-like radio-halo emission in MRC 0116+111: Imprint of AGN feedback in a distant cluster of galaxies
15/09 Sharanya Sur and Axel Brandenburg The role of the Yoshizawa effect in the Archontis dynamo
14/09 Mudit K. Srivastava , Swapnil M. Prabhudesai and Shyam N. Tandon Studying the Imaging Characteristics of Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) through Numerical Simulations
13/09 Rajeev Kumar Jain, Pravabati Chingangbam, L. Sriramkumar, Tarun Souradeep The tensor-to-scalar ratio in punctuated inflation
12/09 N. Gupta, R. Srianand, P. Petitjean, P. Noterdaeme, D. J. Saikia A complete sample of 21-cm absorbers at z ~ 1.3: Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope Survey Using Mg II Systems
11/09 S. B. Pandey, A. J. Castro-Tirado, M. Jelinek, Atish P. Kamble, K. Misra, A. N. Ramprakash, V. Mohan (et. al.) Multi-wavelength observations of afterglow of GRB080319B and the modeling constraints
10/09 Pramoda Kumar Samal, Rajib Saha, Jacques Delabrouille, Simon Prunet, Pankaj Jain, Tarun Souradeep CMB Polarization and Temperature Power Spectra Estimation using Linear Combination of WMAP 5-year Maps
09/09 Archana Bora, Ranjan Gupta, Harinder P. Singh and K. Duorah Automated star-galaxy segregation using spectral and integrated band data for TAUVEX/ASTROSAT satellite data pipeline
08/09 Ashim K. Roy, Subodh K. Sharma and Ranjan Gupta A study of frequency and size distribution dependence of extinction for astronomical silicate and graphite grains
07/09 Deepak B. Vaidya and Ranjan Gupta Composite grains: Effects of porosity and inclusions on the 10 um silicate feature
06/09 Nishant Mittal, Udit Narain On some properties of coronal mass ejections in solar cycle 23
05/09 Nishant Mittal, Joginder Sharma, Vivek Tomar, Udit Narain On distribution of CMEs speed in solar cycle 23
04/09 Naresh Dadhich Why do we live in four dimension?
03/09 Tuhin Ghosh, Rajib Saha, Pankaj Jain, Tarun Souradeep Model Independent Foreground Power Spectrum Estimation using WMAP 5-year Data
02/09 Arman Shafieloo, Tarun Souradeep Assumptions of the primordial spectrum and cosmological parameter estimation
01/09 Ng Ibohal Non-stationary de Sitter cosmological models