2007 Preprints


Last updated: 20/12/2007

No. Author/s Title
46/07 Patrick Petitjean, Cedric Ledoux, and R. Srianand The Nitrogen and Oxygen abundances in the neutral gas at high redshift
45/07 C. Konar, M. Jamrozy, D. J. Saikia, J. Machalski A multifrequency study of giant radio sources I. Low-frequency Gaint Metrewave Radio Telescope observations of selected sources
44/07 M. Jamrozy, C. Konar, J. Machalski, D. J. Saikia A multifrequency study of giant radio sources II. Spectral ageing analysis of the lobes of selected sources
43/07 Archana Bora, Ranjan Gupta, Harinder P. Singh,Jayant Murthy and Rekhesh Mohan A 3D Automated Classification Scheme for the TAUVEX data pipeline
42/07 Yuri Shtanov, Alexander Viznyuk and Varun Sahni Gravitational instability on the brane: the role of boundary conditions
41/07 Hideki Maeda, Varun Sahni and Yuri Shtanov Braneworld dynamics in Einstein Gauss Bonnet gravity
40/07 Minu Joy, Varun Sahni and Alexei A. Starobinsky A New Universal Local Feature in the Inflationary Perturbation Spectrum
39/07 Sanjeev Dhurandhar, Badri Krishnan, Himan Mukhopadhyay and John T. Whelan The cross-correlation search for periodic gravitational waves
38/07 Gargi Shaw1, G. J. Ferland, R. Srianand, N. P. Abel, P. A. M. van Hoof, & P. C. Stancil On the enhanced cosmic-ray ionization rate in the diffuse cloud towards Zeta Persei
37/07 Tapan Naskar, Nabajit Chakravarty, Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee and Arnab K. Ray Acoustic perturbations on steady spherical accretion in Schwarzschild geometry
36/07 Arman Shafieloo, Tarun Souradeep Estimation of Primordial Spectrum with post-WMAP 3 year data
35/07 Arman Shafieloo Model Independent Reconstruction of the Expansion History of the Universe and the Properties of Dark Energy
34/07 Andrew Fox, Patrick Petitjean, Cedric Ledoux and R. Srianand Multiphase plasma in sub-damped Lyman-Alpha systems : A hidden metal reservoir
33/07 Amit Pathak, Shantanu Rastogi Theoretical spectra of PAHs in modeling astrophysical IR features
32/07 P. Noterdaeme, C. Ledoux, P. Petitjean, F. Le Petit, R. Srianand & A. Smette Excitation mechanisms in newly discovered H2-bearing Damped Lyman-alpha clouds: systems with low molecular fractions
31/07 Arnab K. Ray, Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee Standing and travelling waves in the shallow-water circular hydraulic jump
30/07 Tapan Naskar , John Ward Type I singularities and the Phantom Menace
29/07 Andrew J. Fox, Cedric Ledoux, Patrick Petitjean & Raghunathan Srianand C iv absorption in damped and sub-damped Lyman-alpha systems: Correlations with metallicity and implications for galactic winds at z~2-3
28/07 Sanjit Mitra, S. V. Dhurandhar, Tarun Souradeep, Albert Lazzarini, Vuk Mandic, Sukanta Bose and Stephan Ballmer Gravitational wave radiometry: Mapping a stochastic gravitational wave background
27/07 Nirupam Roy and Arnab K. Ray Critical properties of spherically symmetric accretion in a fractal medium
26/07 Rajib Saha, Simon Prunet, Pankaj Jain and T. Souradeep CMB anisotropy power spectrum using linear combinations of WMAP maps
25/07 S. V. Dhurandhar Physical and algebraical models of LISA
24/07 K. D. Patil, S. S. Zade and A. N. Mohod Gravitational collapse of radiating Dyon solution and cosmic censorship hypothesis
23/07 Amit Pathak and Shantanu Rastogi Theoretical infrared spectra of large polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
22/07 Joydeep Bagchi, Florence Durret, Gastao B. Lima Neto, Surajit Paul Giant Ringlike Radio Structures Around Galaxy Cluster Abell 3376
21/07 Jayanta K.Bhattacharjee, Arnab K. Ray Secular instability in quasi-viscous disc accretion
20/07 Sudhanshu Barway, Ajit Kembhavi A SuperMassive Black Hole Fundamental Plane for Ellipticals
19/07 D. B. Vaidya, Ranjan Gupta, T. P. Snow Composite Interstellar Grains
18/07 Gopal-Krishna, Samir Dhurde, Pronoy Sircar & Paul J. Wiita Influence of the jet opening angle on the derived kinematical parameters of blazar jets having uniform and stratified bulk motion
17/07 Gopal-Krishna, Pronoy Sircar & Samir Dhurde Kinematical diagrams for conical relativistic jets
16/07 Rawat, A., Kembhavi, A.K., Hammer, F., Flores, H. and Barway, S. Unravelling the morphologies of Luminous Compact Galaxies using the HST/ACS GOODS survey
15/07 Ipsita Mandal, Arnab K. Ray, Tapas K. Das Critical properties of spherically symmetric black hole accretion in Schwarzschild geometry


Sanghamitra Goswami, Saba Nashreen Khan, Arnab K. Ray, Tapas Kumar Das  Axisymmetric black hole accretion in the Kerr metric as an autonomous dynamical system


K.D. Patil, S.S. Zade, A.N. Mohod  Non-spherical gravitational collapse of strange quark matter


Sudhanshu Barway, Ajit Kembhavi, Yogesh Wadadekar, C.D. Ravikumar, Y. D. Mayya  Lenticular Galaxy Formation - Possible Luminosity Dependence


Sharanya Sur, Anvar Shukurov & Kandaswamy Subramanian  Galactic dynamos supported by magnetic helicity fluxes


Sharanya Sur, Kandaswamy Subramanian & Axel Brandenburg  Kinetic and magnetic alpha effects in nonlinear dynamo theory


P. Noterdaeme, P. Petitjean, R. Srianand, C. Ledoux, F. Le Petit  Physical conditions in the neutral interstellar medium at z=2.43 toward Q2348-011


Saumyadip Samui, R. Srianand, Kanadaswamy Subramanian  Probing the star formation history using the redshift evolution of luminosity fuctions


Rodney Nascimento Guimaraes, Patrick Petitjean, Emmanuel Beaumont Rollinde, Reinaldo Ramos De Carvalho, George Djorgovski, R. Srianand, Ali Aghaee, Sandra Castro  Evidence for overdensity around z_em > 4 quasars from the proximity effect


Sanjit Mitra, Anand S. Sengupta, Subharthi Ray, Rajib Saha, Tarun Souradeep  CMB power spectrum estimation with non-circular beam and incomplete sky coverage


Hideyuki Tagoshi, Himan Mukhopadhyay, Sanjeev Dhurandhar(et al.)   Detecting gravitional waves from inspiraling binaries with a network of detectors: coherent strategies by correlated detectors


Arnab K. Ray and Jayanta K. Bhattacharjee  Evolution of transonicity in an accretion disc
03/07 Andrew J. Fox, Patrick Petitjean, Cedric Ledoux, Raghunathan Srianand Hot Halos around High Redshift Protogalaxies: Observations of O VI and N V Absorption in Damped Lyman Alpha systems
02/07 Ray Norris, Heinz Andernach, Guenther Eichhorn, Francoise Genova, Elizabeth Griffin, Robert Hanisch, Ajit Kembhavi, Robert Kennicutt, Anita Richards Astronomical Data Management


Ajit Kembhavi   Virtual observatories and developing countries