2005 Preprints

Last updated:-29/12/2005

No. Author/s Title
52/05  Suresh Chandra, P.G. Musrif, S.V. Shinde Anomalous obsorption in H2Co molecule
51/05  Harinder P. Singh, Manabu Yuasa, Nawo Yamamoto, Ranjan Gupta Reliability checks on the Indo-Us stellar spectral library using artificial neural networks and principal component analysis
50/05  T. Padmanabhan Understanding Our Universe : Current Status and Open Issues
49/05  Abhay Ashtekar The Winding Road to Quantum Gravity
48/05  E. Rodriguez, Patrick Petitjean, B. Aracil, C. Ledoux, R. Srianand Relative abundance pattern along the profile of high redshift damped Lyman-alpha systems
47/05  Janine Heinmuller, Patrick Petitjean, Cedric Ledoux, Sara Caucci, Raghunathan Srianand Kinematics and star formation activity in the z=2.03954 damped Lyman-alpha system towards PKS 0458-020
46/05  Rita Sinha, Tarun Souradeep Post-WMAP Assessment of Infrared cutoff in the Primordial Spectrum from Inflation
45/05  Nirupam Roy, Jayaram N. Chengalur & Raghunathan Srianand A multiwavelength investigation of the temperature of the cold neutral medium
44/05  J.Bagchi, Florence Durret, Gastao B. Lima Neto, Surajit Paul and Satyajit Chavan High & ultra-high energy cosmic ray acceleration in structure-formation shocks in Abell 3376 galaxy cluster
43/05  Saibal Ray, Basanti Das, Subharth Ray, Farook Rahaman Physical properties of Tolman-Bayin solutions: Some cases of static charged fluid spheres in general relativity
42/05  Saibal Ray Electromgnetic Mass in (n+2) Dimensional Space-times
41/05  Luca Amendola, Shinji Tsujikawa and M.Sami Phantom damping of matter perturbations
40/05  Gargi Shaw, G.J. Ferland, R. Srianand and N.P. Abel Physical conditions in the ISM towards HD185418
39/05  Dilip Paul and Bikash Chandra Paul Probabitlity for Primordial Black holes Pair in 1/R Gravity
38/05  C. D. Ravikumar, Sudhanshu Barway, Ajit Kembhavi, Bahram Mobasher, V. C. Kuriakose Photometric Scaling Relations for Bulges of Galaxies
37/05  C. Mercier, Prasad Subramanian, Alain Kerdraon, Monique Pick, S. Ananthakrishnan, P. Janardhan Combining visibilities from the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescop and the Nancay Radio Heliograph : High dynamic range snapshot images of the solar corona at 327 MHz
36/05  Anirudh Pradhan, G. S. Khadekar, Vrishali Patki, Saeed Otarod Kaluza-Klein Type Robertson Walker Cosmological Model With Dynamical Cosmological Term Lambda
35/05  Anirudh Pradhan, Pouravi Verma, Saeed Otarod Plane symmetric inhomogeneous bulk viscous domain wall in Lyra geometry
34/05  Rajib Saha, Pankaj Jain, Tarun Souradeep A blind estimation of the power spectrum of CMB anisotropy from WMAP
33/05  S.G. Ghosh, D.W. Deshkar Higher dimensional dust collapse with a cosmological constant
32/05  Mofazzal Azam, M. Sami Manybody treatment of white dwarf and neutron stars on the brane
31/05  K. Rajesh Nayak, S. Koshti, S.V. Dhurandhar, J-Y. Vinet Reducing the flexing of the arms of LISA
30/05  Rita Sinha, Tarun Souradeep Estimating Cosmological Parameters from CMBR : Systematic effects
29/05  A. Ivanchik, P. Petitjean, D. Varshalovich, B. Aracil, R. Srianand, H. Chand, C. Ledoux, P. Boisse A new constraint on the time dependence of the proton-to-electron mass ratio. Analysis of the Q 0347-383 and Q 0405-443 spectra
28/05  Massimo Tinto, S.V. Dhurandhar Time-Delay interferometry
27/05  S. Chandra, P.G. Musrif, S.V. Shinde, S.A. Shinde Another suggestion for an interstellar C5H2 search
26/05  M. Sami, Alexey Toporensky, Peter V. Tretjakov, Shinji Tsujikawa The fate of (phantom) dark energy universe with string curvature corrections
25/05  Raghunathan Srianand, Gargi Shaw, Gary Ferland, Patrick Petitjean, Cedric Ledoux Molecular hydrogen in the diffuse interstellar medium at high redshift
24/05  Raghunathan Srianand, Patrick Petitjean, Cedric Ledoux, Gary Ferland, Gargi Shaw The VLT-UVES survey for molecular hydrogen in high-redshift damped Lyman-alpha systems: Physical conditions in the neutral gas
23/05  Ranjan Gupta, D.B. Vaidya, J.S. Dobbie, P. Chylek Scattering properties and composition of cometary dust
22/05  A.K. Sen, T. Mukai, R. Gupta, H.S. Das An analysis of the distribution of background star polarization in dark clouds
21/05  Ranjan Gupta, Tadashi Mukai, D.B. Vaidya, Asoke K. Sen, Yasuhiko Okada Interstellar Extinction by Spheroidal Dust Grains
20/05  R. S. Kaushal Solutions of Certain Types of Linear and Nonlinear Diffusion-Reaction Equations in One Dimension
19/05  S. Mitra, S.V. Dhurandhar, L.S. Finn Improving the efficiency of the detection of gravitational wave signals from inspiraling compact binaries: Chebyshev interpolation
18/05  Gianluca Calcagni, Shinji Tsujikawa, M Sami Dark energy and cosmological solutions in second-order string gravity
17/05  Burin Gumjudpai, Tapan Naskar, M. Sami, Shinji Tsujikawa Coupled dark energy: Towards a general description of the dynamics
16/05  Lalan Prasad, N.K. Lohani Nanoflares as a possible coronal heating agent
15/05  E. Rollinde, R. Srianand, T. Theuns, P. Petitjean, H. Chand The density structure around quasars from optical depth statistics
14/05  Neeraj Gupta, R. Srianand, D.J. Saikia Outflowing material in the CSS quasar 3C48: evidence of jet-cloud interaction?
13/05  Shiv K. Sethi, Kandaswamy Subramanian Primordial Magnetic Fields in the Post-recombination Era and Early Reionization
12/05  Kandaswamy Subramanian The Physics of CMBR Anisotropies
11/05  T. R. Seshadri, Kandaswamy Subramanian CMB Anisotropy Due to Tangled magnetic fields in re-ionized models
10/05  A. Brandenburg, K. Subramanian Minimal tau approximation and simulations of the alpha effect
09/05  Varun Sahni,Yuri Shtanov Did the Universe loiter at high redshifts?
08/05  Varun Sahni Cosmological Surprises from Braneworld models of Dark Energy
07/05  Jatush V. Sheth, Varun Sahni Exploring the Geometry, Topology and Morphology of Large Scale Structure using Minkowski Functionals
06/05  Emmanuel Rollinde, Elisabeth Vangioni-Flam, Keith A. Olive Cosmological cosmic rays and the observed Li6 plateau in metal poor halo stars
05/05  Amit Pathak and Shantanu Rastogi Computational study of neutral and catoinic catacondensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
04/05  C. S. Stalin and R. Srianand Long-term optical photometric monitoring of the quasar SDSS J153259.96 - 003944.1
03/05  Tarun Souradeep and Amir Hajian Statistical isotropy of CMB anisotropy from WMAP
02/05  T. Padmanabhan Holographic Gravity and the Surface term in the Einstein-Hilbert Action
01/05  Amir Hajian and Tarun Souradeep The cosmic microwave background bipolar power spectrum: Basic formalism and applications