IUCAA Preprints for the year 2004

62/04 Suresh Chandra, P.G. Musrif, R. M. Dhamkare Suggestions for an interstellar C7H2 Search
61/04 Ng Ibohal Rotating embedded black holes: Entropy and Hawking's radiation
60/04 Sudhanshu Barway, Y.D. Mayya, Ajit K. Kembhavi, S.K. Pandey Multicolor surface photometry of lenticulars galaxies I. The Data
59/04 K.D. Patil and U.S. Thool Spherical and non-spherical gravitational collapse in Hussain spacetime
58/04 A. L. Ahuja, Y. Gupta, D. Mitra, A. K. Kembhavi Tracking pulsar dispersion measures using the GMRT
57/04 Peter A. Becker, Prasad Subramanian Restrictions on the Physical Prescription for the Viscosity in Advection-Dominated Accretion Disks
56/04 Mohammad R. Garousi, M. Sami, Shinji Tsujikawa Constraints on Dirac-Born-Infeld type dark energy models from varying alpha
55/04  A.K. Dawood and S. G. Ghosh Generating dynamical black hole solutions
54/04  Edmund J.Copeland, Mohammad R.Garousi,M. Sami, Shinji Tsujikawa What is needed of a tachyon if it is to be the dark energy?
53/04  Mohammad R. Garousi, M. Sami, Shinji Tsujikawa Generation of electromagnetic fields in string cosmology with a massive scalar field on the anti D-brane
52/04  S.N. Tandon Evalution of a CMDS imager as readout for imaging photon counters
51/04  A. Pradhan, P.K. Singh and K.R. Jotania Cylindrically symmetric inhomogeneous cosmological models with viscous fluid & varying /\>
50/04  Naresh Dadhich, S.G. Ghosh and D.W. Deshkar The role of the space-time dimensions & the fluid equation of state in spherical gravitational collapse
49/04  Saibal Ray and Utpal Mukhopadhyay Searching for a solution to the age problem of the universe
48/04  T. Padmanabhan From Gravitons to Gravity: Myths and Reality
47/04  Saibal Ray Relativistic Gravitational mass in Tolman-VI type solution
46/04 S.V. Dhurandhar, K. Rajesh Nayak, S. Koshti, J-Y. Vinet Fundamentals of the LISA Stable Flight Formation
45/04 Kandaswamy Subramanian and Axel Brandenburg Nonlinear current helicity fluxes in turbulent dynamos and alpha quenching
44/04 Suresh Chandra On temperature T01 for molecular hydrogen
43/04 Sami, M. Toporensky, Alexey Phantom field and the fate of the Universe
42/04 Paul, B.C. Sami, M. A note on inflation the Tachyon rolling on the Gauss-Bonnet Brane
41/04 Garousi, Mohammad R. [et al.] Cosmology from rolling massive scalar field on the anti-D3 Brane of de Sitter Vacua
40/04 Sami, M. Sahni, V. Quintessential inflation on the brane and the Relic Gravity wave background
39/04 Dufaux, Jean-Francois [et al.] Cosmological perturbations from brane inflation with a Gauss-Bonnet term
38/04 Tsujikawa, Shinji. Sami, M. A unified approach to scaling solutions in a general cosmological background
37/04 Tsujikawa, Shinji. [et al.] Observational constraints on braneworld inflation: The effect of a Gauss-Bonnet term
36/04 Sami, M. Dadhich, N. Unifying Brane World Inflation with Quintessence
35/04 Sami, M. [et al.] Aspects of scalar field dynamics in Gauss-Bonnet Brane Worlds
34/04 Hum Chand [et al.] Probing the time-variation of the fine-structure constant: Results based on Si IV doublets from a UVES sample.
33/04 Ostriker, Jeremiah. Souradeep, Tarun The current status of observational cosmology
32/04 Tinto, Massimo. Dhurandhar, Sanjeev V. Time-Delay Interferometry
31/04 Pradhan, Anirudh. Pandey, Purnima Some Bianchi Type I Viscous fluid cosmological models with a variable cosmological constant
30/04 Subramanian, Prasad. Becker, Peter A. Noise storm continua: power estimates for electron acceleration
29/04 Pradhan, Anirudh [et al.] Nonsingular spherical models with a variable cosmological term
27/04 Debnath, Ujjal [et al.] Role of Modified Chaplygin Gas in Accelerated Universe
26/04 Ng. Ibohal On the Variable-charged Black Holes Embedded into de Sitter Space: Hawking's Radiation
25/04 Ng. Ibohal Rotating metrics admitting non-perfect fluids in General Relativity
24/04 Barway, Sudhanshu [et al.] BVR photometry of a newly identified RS CVn binary star HD 61396
23/04 Barway, Sudhanshu. Pandey, S.K. HD 52452: New BVRI photometry
22/04 Alam, Ujjaini [et al.] The case for dynamical dark energy revisited
21/04 Chandra, Suresh. Shinde, S.A. Suggesions for an interstellar C5H2 search
20/04 Lonahi, N.K. Prasad, Lalan Heating of solar coronal loops by phase-mising
19/04 Hajian, Amir. Souradeep, Tarun Statistical Isotropy of the WMAP Data: A bipolar power spectrum analysis
18/04 Sahni, Varun Dark matter and dark energy
17/04 Tikekar, Ramesh. Jotania, Kanti Relativistic superdense star models of pseudo spherodical space-time
16/04 Prasanna, A.R. Ray, Subharthi Self lensing effects for compact stars and their mass-radius relation
15/04 Petitjean, Patrick [et al.] Time dependence of the proton-to-electron mass ratio
14/04 Mitra, Sanjit [et al.] CMB power spectrum estimation using non-circular beam
13/04 Malheiro, Manuel [et al.] General Relativistic Effects of Strong Magnetic Fields on the gravitational force: A driving engine for Gamma-$ SGRM?
12/04 Kaushal, R.S. Model independent studies of cosmological dynamics of phantom field
11/04 Chandra, Suresh Search for an interstellar Si2C molecule: A theoretical prediction
10/04 Subramanian, Prasad Angular momentum transport in quasi-Keplerian accretion disks
09/04 Valdes, Francisco [et al.] The Indo-U.S. Library of Coude Feed Stellar Spectra
08/04 Gupta, Ranjan [et al.] Automated Classification of 2000 Bright IRAS Sources
07/04 Yadav, R.K.S. Comprehensive CCd photometric study of the open clusterNGC 2421
06/04 Dhurandhar, S.V. Data analysis techniques for gravitational wave observations
05/04 Das, H.K. [et al.] An implementation of transfer-pupil in a spectrograph on optical telescopes
04/04 Srianand, R. [et al.] Limits on the time variation of the electromagnetic fine-structure constant in the low energy limit from absorption lines in the spectra of distant quasars
03/04 Yadav, R.K.S. Sagar, Ram U BV RI CCD photometric study of the open clusters basel 4 and NGC 7067
02/04 Verma, Hum Chand Probing the cosmological variation of the fine-structure constant:Results on VLT-UVES sample
01/04 Engineer, Sunu Implementing an observatory control system-I. A Generic approach
00/00 Ramachandran, R. The initiative in India (Article got published in 'Frontline', Vol. 21, Issue 23, Page 101)
00/00 Ramachandran, R. The potential science from VO (Article got published in 'Frontline', Vol. 21, Issue 23, Page 100)
00/00 Ramachandran, R. The Universe Online (Article got published in 'Frontline', Vol. 21, Issue 23, Page 98-101)

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