IUCAA Preprints for the year 2003

01/03 Ahluwalia, D.V. [met al.] Operational indistinguishabilty of doubly special relativities from special relativity
02/03 Sengupta, Anand S. [et al.] A faster implementation of the hierarchical search algorithm for detection of gravitational waves from inspiraling compact binaries
03/03 Pandey, Kumud [ et al.] On tripolar magnetic reconnection and coronal heating
04/03 Ray, Saibal. Bhadra, Sumana Classical electron model with negative energy density in Einstein-Cartan theory of gravitation
05/03 Ray, Saibal. Bhadra, Sumana Energy density in general relativity : a possible role of cosmological constant
06/03 Mukhopadhyay, B. [et al.] Origin and interpretation of kilohertz QPOs from strange stars in X-ray Binary system: Theoretical hydrodynamical description
07/03 Sami, S. Padmanabhan, T. A viable cosmology with a scalar field coupled to the trace of the stress-tensor
08/03 Padmanabhan, T. Roy Choudhury, T. A theoretician's analysis of the supernova data and the limitations in determining the nature of dark energy
09/03 Sami, M. [et al.] Cosmological aspects of rolling tachyon
10/03 Sami, M. A note on the cosmological dynamics in finite-range gravity
11/03 Hajian, Amir. Souradeep, Tarun Statistical isotropy of CMB and cosmic topology
12/03 Mukharjee, Pia [et al.] Galactic foreground constraints from the Python V cosmic microwave background anisotropy data
13/03 Singh, Parampreet. Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata Gravitationally induced neutrino asymmetry
14/03 Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata. Ghosh, Shubhrangshu. Global solution of viscous accretion disk around rotating compact objects : A pseudo-general-relativistic study
15/03 Dadhich, Naresh. Shtanov, Yuri Brane corresponding to the nariai bulk
16/03 Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata. Unification to the Pseudo-General-Relativistic Analysis of Accretion Disks around rotating Black Holes and Neutron Stars
17/03 Ledoux, Cedric. [et al.] VLT-UVEs survey for molecular hydrogen in high-redshift damped lyman-alfa system
18/03 Vishwakarma, R.G. Singh, Parampreet. Can brane cosmology with a vanishing /\ explain the observations?
19/03 Shtanov, Yuri. Sahni, Varun Bouncing Braneworlds
20/03 Sahay, S.K. Matching of the continuous gravitational wave in an all sky search
21/03 Ghosh, S.G. Gravitational collapse of perfect fluid in self-similar higher dimensional space-times
22/03 Visser, Matt. [et al.] Traversable wormholes with arbitrarily small energy condition violations
23/03 Subramanian, Kandaswamy Hyperdiffusion in non-linear, large and small-scale turbulent dynamos
24/03 Gupta, Neeraj [et al.] Outflowing material in the Zem=4.92 BAL QSO SDSS J160501.21 - 011220.0
25/03 Alam, Ujjaini [et al.] Can dark energy be decaying?
26/03 Singh, Parampreet [et al.] Cosmological Dynamics of Phantom Field
27/03 Pai, A. [et al.] Time delay interferometry and LISA optimal sensitivity
28/03 Nayak, K. Rajesh [et al.] Optimising the directional sensitivity of LISA
29/03 Vishwakarma, R.G. Is the present expansion of the universe really accelerating?
30/03 Ibohal, Ng Newman-Janis algorithm revisited I: Want-Wu functions and rotating solutions in General Relativity
31/03 Ibohal, Ng Newman-Janis algorithm revisited II: Hawking radiation of the variable-charged black holes embedded in de sitter spaces
32/03 M. Sami [et al.] Steep inflation followed by born-infeld reheating
33/03 Usmani, A.A. Variational monte carlo calculations of 5/\He hypernucleus
34/03 Chandra, Deepak Effects of curvature and interactions on the dynamics of the deconfinement phase transition
35/03 Ray, Subharthi [et al.] Possible evidence of surface vibration of realistic strange stars from stellar observations
36/03 Subramanian, Kandaswamy [et al.] Effects of curvature and interactions on the dynamics of the deconfinement phase transition
37/03 Hajian, Amir. Souradeep, Tarun. Measuring statistical isotropy of the CMB anisotropy
38/03 Souradeep, Tarun. Hajian, Amir Statistical isotropy of the cosmic microwave background
39/03 Dhurandhar, S.V. Yves Vinet, Jean-Yves. Gravitational wave data analysis for laser interferometrie space antenna
40/03 Subramanian, Prasad [et al.] Giant meterwave radio telescope observations of an M2.8 flare: insights into the initiation of a flare-coronal mass ejection event
41/03 Ray, Saibal. Das, Basanti. Tolman - Bayin type static charged fluid spheres in general relativity
42/03 Alam, Ujjaini [et al.] Exploring the expanding universe and dark energy using the statefinder diagnostic
43/03 Ray, Saibal [et al.] Relativistic anisotropic charged fluid spheres with varying cosmological constant
44/03 Sheth, Jatush Morphology of Mock SDSS Catalogues
45/03 Padmanabhan, T. Gravity and the thermodynamics of horizons
46/03 Usmani, A.A. S-wave /\NN potential
47/03 Choudhury, T. Roy Quasi normal modes in Schawarzschild-DeSitter spacetime: A simple derivation of the level spacing of the frequencies
"48/03 Memari, Yasin Reconstructing features of the inflationary scattering potential from primordial power spectra
49/03 Shafieloo, Arman. Souradeep, Tarun Primordial power spectrum from WMAP
50/03 Bharadwaj, Somnath [et al.] The Size of the longest filaments in the Universe
51/03 Shandarin, Sergei F. [et al.] Morphology of the supercluster-void network in /\ CDM cosmology
52/03 Jassal, H.K. Stabilization of branes in a coslogical setting

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