IUCAA Preprints for the year 2002

No. Author/s Title
01/02 Ghosh, S.G. Dadhich, Naresh. Gravitational collapse of null strange quark fluid and cosmic censorship
02/02 Petitjean, Patrick [et al.] Molecular hydrogen at Zabx=1.973 towards Q0013 - 004: Dust depletion pattern in damped Lyman - alpha systems
03/02 Konar, Sushan. Choudhuri, Arnab Rai Diamagnetic screening of the magnetic field in accreting neutron stars
04/02 Philip, Ninan S. [et al.] A difference boosting neural network for automated star-galaxy classification
06/02 Padmanabhan, T. Entropy and energy of a class of spacetimes with horizon : a general derivation
07/02 Dadhich, Naresh The relativistic world : A common sense perspective
08/02 Sahni, Varun Cosmological constant problem and quintessence
09/02 Misra, Ranjeev. Taam, Ronald E. Effect of dissipative corona on the structure and stability of cold optically thick accretion disks at high accretion rates
10/02 Padmanabhan, T. Evolution of the correlation function for a class of processes involving non local self-Replication
11/02 Dhurandhar, S.V. Gravitational wave astronomy : Recent advances
12/02 Padmanabhan, T. Classical and quantum thermodynamics of horizons in spherically symmetric spacetimes
13/02 Padmanabhan, T. Why do we observe a small but non zero cosmological constant?
14/02 Shankaranarayanan, S. [et al.] Hawking radiation in different coordinate settings : Complex paths approach
15/02 Bagchi, Joydeep [et al.] Evidence for shock acceleration and intergalactic magnetic fields in a large-scale filament of galaxies ZwC1 2341.1+0000
16/02 Padmanabhan, T. Accelerated expansion of the universe driven by tachyonic matter
17/02 Padmanabhan, T. Roy Choudhury, T. Can the clustered dark matter and the smooth dark energy arise from the same scalar field?
18/02 Ghosh, S.G. Dadhich, Naresh Gravitational collapse of type II fluid in higher dimensional space-times
19/02 Shtanov, Yuri. Sahni, Varun New cosmological singularities in braneworld models
20/02 Vishwakarma, R.G. Machian model of dark energy
21/02 Sami, M. Implementing power law inflation with rolling techyon on the brane
22/02 Padmanabhan, T. Holography of gravity encoded in a relation between entropy, horizon area and action for gravity
23/02 Padmanabhan, T. Is gravity an intrinsically quantum phenomenon? Dynamics of gravity from the entropy of spacetime and the principle of equivalence
24/02 Sami, M. [et al.] Aspects of Tachyonic inflation with exponential potential
25/02 Das, Tapas K. Generalized shock solutions for hydrodynamic black hole accretion
26/02 Ahluwalia, D.V. [et al.] On the spin of gravitational bosons
27/02 Joshi, Pankaj S. [et al.] Why do naked singularities form in gravitational
28/02 Padmanabhan, T. Statistical mechanics of gravitating systems in static and cosmological backgrounds
29/02 Srianand, R. [et al.] Collimated flow driven by radiative pressure from the nucleus of quasar Q 1511 + 091
30/02 Ledoux, C. [et al.] Detection of molecular hydrogen in a near solar-metallicity damped Lyman - alpha system at Zabc ~ 2 toward Q 0551 - 366
31/02 Paul, B.C. Tikekar, R. Core-envelope model of compact stars
32/02 Pradhan, Anirudh. I. Lotemshi Bulk viscous solutions to the field equations and the deceleration parameter - revisited
33/02 Mukhopadhyay, Banibrata Description of pseduo-Newtonina potential for the relativistic accretion disk around kerr black holes
34/02 Sinha, Monika [et al.] Stability of strange stars (SS) derived from a realistic equation of state
35/02 Ghosh, S.G. [et al.] Collapsing perfect fluid in self-similar five dimensional space-time and cosmic censorship
36/02 Peroux, C. [et al.] A new measurement of sinc metallicity in a DLA at z ~ 3.35
37/02 Mukherjee, P. [et al.] OVRO CMB anisotropy measurement constraints on flat - ^ and open CDM cosmogonies
38/02 Roy choudhury, T. Srianand, R. Probing the dark ages with redshift distribution of GRBs
39/02 Ghosh, S.G. Deshkar, D.W. Non-spherical collapse of a radiating star
40/02 Mukhopadhyay, B. Mishra, Ranjeev Pseudo-Newtonian Potentials to Describe the Temporal Effects on Relativistic Accretion Disks around Rotating Black Holes and Neutron Stars
41/02 Konar, Sushan. Das, Subinoy Neutrino propagation in a weakly magnetized medium
42/02 Mukherjee, Pia [et al.] CMB Anisotropy Constraints on Flat-Lambda and Open CDM Cosmogonies from DMR, UCSB South Pole, Python, ARGO, MAX, White Dish, OVRO, and SuZIE Data
43/02 Nayak, K. Rajesh [et al.] Improving the sensitivity of LISA
44/02 Subramanian, Kandaswamy. Barrow, John D. Small-scale microwave background anisotropies arising from tangled promordial magnetic fields
45/02 Subramanian, Kandaswamy Magnetic helicity in galactic dynamos
46/02 Paul, Bikash. C. Inflation in bianchi models and the cosmic no hair theorem in brane world
47/02 Sahni, Varun. Shtanov, Yuri New vistas in braneworld cosmology
48/02 Sahni, Varun Theoretical models of dark energy
49/02 Sahni, Varun. Shtanov, Yuri Braneworld models of dark energy
50/02 Sahni, varun [et al.] Statefinder - anew geometrical diagnostic of dark energy
51/02 Sheth, Jatush V. [et al.] Measuring the geometry and topology of large scale structure using SURFGEN: Methodology and preliminary results
52/02 Bagchi, Joydeep Discovery of giant 'radio arcs' in cluster Abell 3376 : evidence for shock accleration in a violent cluster merger?
53/02 Mukhopadhyay, B. Stability of accretion disk around rotating black holes: a pseudo-general-relativistic fluid dynamical study
54/02 Bagla, J.S. [et al.] Cosmology with tachyon field as dark energy
55/02 Ghosh, S.G. Banerjee, A. Non-marginally bound inhomogeneous dust collapse in higher dimensional space-time
56/02 Ahluwalia, D.V. Evidence for majorana neutrinos : Dawn of a new ear in spacetime structure
57/02 Padmanabhan, T. Cosmological constant - The weight of the vacuum
58/02 Pradhan, A. Pandey, Om Prakash Conformally flat spherically symmetric cosmological models-revisited
59/02 Pradhan, A. Pandey, H.R. Plane-symmetric inhomogeneous bulk viscous cosmological models with variables /\