Preprints for the year 2001

No. Author/s Title
01/01 Lima Neto, G.B. [et al.] BeppoSAX observation of the rich cluster of galaxies Abell 85
02/01 Roukema, B.F. How to avoid the ambiguity in applying the copernican principle for cosmic topology : Take the observational approach
03/01 Singh, Parampreet. Dadhich, Naresh Field theories from the relativistic law of motion
04/01 Tauris, T.M. Konar, S. Torque decay in the pulsar (p,p) diagrom effects of crustal ohmic dissipation and alignment
05/01 Maartens, Roy [et al.] Anisotropy dissipation in brane-world inflation
06/01 Vishwakarma, R.G. Consequences on variable /\ - models from distant type Ia supernovae and compact radio sources
07/01 Podariu, Silviu [et al.] Binned cosmic microwave background anisotropy power spectra : Peak location
08/01 Roukema, Boudewijn F. How to distinguish a nearly flat Universe from a flat Universe using the orientation independence of a comoving standard ruler
09/01 Roukema, Boudewijn F. On the comoving distance as arc-length in four dimensions
10/01 Dadhich, Naresh Subtle is the gravity
11/01 Das, Tapas K. Pseudo-Schwarzschild Description of Transonic Spherical Accretion onto Compact Objects
12/01 Thampan, Arun V. Luminosities of Disk-Accreting non-magnetic neutron stars
13/01 Paul, Bikash Chandra Viscous cosmologies with extra dimensions
14/01 Sarkar, Aveek. Das, Tapas K. One parameter solution of spherically symmetric accretion in various pseudo-schwarzschild potentials
15/01 Bhattacharyya, Sudip [et al.] Temperature profiles of accretion discs around rapidly rotating strange stars in general relativity : a comparison with neutron stars
16/01 Das, Tapas K. Accretion powered spherical wind in general relativity
17/01 Kanekar, Nissim [et al.] Recycling the universe using scalar fields
18/01 Sahni, Varun Scalar field models for an accelerating universe
19/01 Singh, Parampreet. Dadhich, Naresh Non-conformally flat bulk spacetime and the 3-brane world
20/01 Mitra, D. Ramachandran, R. Scatter broadening of pulsars in the direction of the gum nebula
21/01 Srianand, R. Petitjean, Patrick A near-solar metallicity damped lyman-alpha system toward the BAL quasar Tol 1037 - 2703
22/01 Souradeep, Tarun. Ratra, Bharat Window function for non-circular beam CMB anisotropy experiment
23/01 Das, Tapas K. On some transonic aspects of general relativistic spherical accretion onto schwarzschild black holes
24/01 Ghosh, S.G. Dadhich, Naresh On naked singularities in higher dimensional Vaidya space-times
25/01 Sharma, A.K. Chandra, S. Suggestions for an interstellar cyclopropene search
26/01 Chandra, S. Sharma, A.K. Collisional rates for vib-rotational transitions in diatomic molecules
27/01 Sharma, A.K. Chandra, S. About the Dunham coefficients Y20 and Y11 for diatomic molecules
28/01 Vishwakarma, R.G. Study of the magnitude-redshift relation for type Ia supernovae in a model resulting from a Ricci-symmetry
29/01 Dadhich, N.K. Nariai metric is the first example of the singularity free model
30/01 Turakulov, Z.Ya. Dadhich, N. New stationary vacuum solution dual to the kerr solution
31/01 Roukema, B.F. [et al.] Star formation losses due to tidal debris in `hierarchical' galaxy formation
32/01 Roukema, B.F. [et al.] Cosmological Constant and Quintessence from a Correlation Function Comoving Fine Feature in the 2dF Quasar Redshift Survey
33/01 Morel, T. [et al.] European large area ISO survey VI - discovery of a new hyperluminous infrared galaxy
34/01 Safonova, Margarita [et al.] Microlensing by natural wormholes : theory and simulations
Harris, M.J. [et al.] The detection of living cells in stratospheric samples
35/01 Bhattacharya, Kaushik [et al.] Effective neutrino photon interaction in a magnetized medium
36/01 Morel, T. [et al.] Near-infrared [Fe II] emission from supernova remnants and the supernova rate of starburst galaxies
37/01 Dey, Mira [et al.] Astrophysical consequences of diquark formation on the surface of strange star
38/01 Vishwakarma, R.G. Consequences on some dark energy-candidates from SN 1997ff
39/01 Choudhuri, Arnab Rai. Konar, Sushan Diamagnetic screening of the magnetic field in accreting neutron stars
40/01 Paul, Bikash Chandra On the mass of a uniform density star in higher dimensions
41/01 Das, Tapas K. Pseudo-Schwarzschild description of accretion-powered spherical outflow
42/01 Sengupta, Anand S. [et al.] Extended hierarchical search (EHS) algorithm for detection of gravitational waves from inspiraling compact binaries
43/01 Pai, Archana [et al.] Computational cost for detecting inspiraling binaries using a network of laser interferometric detectors
44/01 Padmanabhan, T. Combining general relativity and quantum theory : points of conflict and contact
45/01 Roy Choudhury, T. and Padmanabhan, T. A Simple analytic model for the abundance of damped Ly alpha absorbers
46/01 Sahni, Varun [et al.] Relic gravity waves from Braneworld inflation
47/01 Konar, Sushan Photon propagation in a magnetized medium
48/01 Dadhich, Naresh [et al.] R=O spacetimes and self-dual lorentzian wormholes
49/01 Sami, M. Inflation with oscillations
50/01 Sami, M. An exact inflationary solution on the brane
51/01 Sharma, Arvind K. Chandra, Suresh Detection of rotational lines of NaSH molecule
52/01 Srivastava, D.C. Sahay, S.K. Data analysis of continuous gravitational wave : Fourier transform - I
53/01 Srivastava, D.C. Sahay, S.K. Data analysis of continuous gravitational wave : Fourier transform - II
54/01 Srivastava, D.C. Sahay, S.K. Data analysis of continuous gravitational wave : All sky search and study of templates
55/01 Brandenburg, Axel [et al.] Magnetic helicity in stellar dynamos : new numerical experiments
56/01 Coble, K. [et al.] Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy Measurement from Python V
57/01Das, Tapas K. Generalized Shock Solutions for Hydrodynamics Black Hole Accretion
58/01 Dhurandhar, S.V. [et al.] Algebraic approach to time-delay data analysis for LISA
59/01 Padmanabhan, T. Cosmic inventory of energy densities : issues and concerns
60/01Banerjee, A. Heat flow in general relativity