Preprints for the year 2000

No. Author/s Title
01/00 Khosroshahi, Habib G. [et al.] A near infrared photometric plane for ellipticals and bulges of spirals
02/00 Bose, Sukanta. [et al.] Detection of gravitational waves from inspiraling compact binaries using a network of interferometric detectors
03/00 Ahsan, Zafar On the symmetry of the perfect fluid space-times
04/00 Chassande-Mottin, E. Dhurandhar, S. Adaptive filtering techniques for interferometric date preparation : removal of long-term sinusoidal signals and oscillatory transients
05/00 Muller, K.R. [et al.] Fundamental plane distances to early-type field galaxies in the South Equatorial Strip
06/00 Lortan, D.B. [et al.] Inheriting geodesic flows
07/00Saini, Tarun Deep. Raychaudhury, Somak A Lens Mapping Algorithm for Weak Lensing
08/00 Saini, Tarun Deep [et al.] Observing high-redshift Supernovae in lensed galaxies
09/00 Dadhich, Naresh Spherically symmetric empty space and its dual in general relativity
10/00Dadhich, Naresh On product spacetime with 2-sphere of constant curvature
11/00 Sambhus, Niranjan. Sridhar, S. The pattern speed of the nuclear disk of M31 using a variant of the Tremaine-Weinberg method
12/00 Shankaranarayanan, S. Padmanabhan, T. Hypothesis of path integral duality. III: Applications to QED
13/00 Chassande-Mottin, E. Dhurandhar, S.V. Adaptive filtering techniques for gravitational wave interferometric data : Removing long-term sinusoidal disturbances and oscillatory transients
14/00 Srianand, R. Petitjean, Patrick Physical conditions in broad and associated narrow absorption-line systems toward APM 08279+5255
15/00 Ray, Subharthi [et al.] Density dependent strong coupling constant of QCD derived from compact star data
16/00 Choudhury, T. Roy [et al.] Semi analytic approach to understanding the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the universe
17/00 Bompaci, Ignazio [et al.] Rapidly rotating strange stars for a new equation of state of strange quark matter
18/00 Petitjean, Patrick [et al.] Structure of the Mg II and damped Lyman- systems along the line of sight to APM 08279+5255
19/00 Dhurandhar, S.V. Searching for gravitational waves from rotating neutron stars
20/00 Konar, Sushan Magnetic field evolution of accreting neutron stars - IV effect of the curvature of space-time
21/00 Padmanabhan, T. Choudhury, T. Roy The issue of choosing nothing : What determines the low energy vacuum state of nature ?
22/00 Ghosh, S.G. [et al.] Collapsing shells of radiation in higher dimensional spacetime and cosmic censorship conjecture
23/00 Sriramkumar, L. Padmanabhan, T. Probes of the vacuum structure of quantum fields in classical backgrounds
24/00 Pradhan, Anirudh. Kumar, Ambarish LRS Bianchi I cosmological universe models with varying cosmological term
25/00 Sahni, Varun. Starobinsky, Alexei The Case for a Positive Cosmological Lambda-term
26/00 Ganguly, Avijit. Konar, Sushan Absorption of Electro-magnetic Waves in a Magnetized Medium
27/00 Shankaranarayanan, S. [et al.] Method of complex paths and general covariance of Hawking radiation
28/00 Vishwakarma, R.G. A study of the angular size - redshift relation for models in which decays as the energy density
29/00 Ghosh, S.G. Saraykar, R.V. Higher Dimensional Radiation Collapse and Cosmic Censorship
30/00 Roukema, Boudewijn F. A Counterexample to Claimed COBE Constraints on Compact Toroidal Universe Models
31/00 Roukema, Boudewijn F. The Topology of the Universe
32/00Saini, Tarun Deep [et al.] Using Gravitational Lensing to study damped Lyman - alpha clouds
33/00 Pai, Archana [et al.] A data-analysis strategy for detecting gravitational-wave signals from inspiraling compact binaries with a network of laser-interferometric detectors
34/00 Dadhich, Naresh Negative Energy Condition and Black Holes on the Brane
35/00 Petitjean, Patrick [et al.] H2 molecules and the nature of damped Lyman-alpha systems
36/00 Roukema, B.F. Observational Approaches to the topology of the universe
37/00 Gil, Janusz and Mitra, Dipanjan Vacuum gaps in pulsars and PSR J2144-3933
38/00 Padmanabhan, T. and Sethi, Shiv K. Constraints on omegaB, omega M, and h from MAXIMA and BOOMERANG
39/00 Sahni, Varun Living with Lambda
40/00 Das, Tapas K. Thermally driven outflows from pair-plasma pressure-mediated shock surfaces around schwarzschild black holes
41/00 Das, Tapas K. On the formation of accretion-powered galactic and extra-galactic jets
42/00 Das, Tapas K. Simultaneous solution scheme for coupled transonic accretion-wind systems
43/00 Colombi, S. [et al.] Tree structure of the percolation universe
44/00 Padmanabhan, T. and Shankaranarayanan, S. Vanishing of cosmological constant in nonfactorizable geometry
45/00 Dhurandhar, Sanjeev and Vecchio, Alberto Searching for continuous gravitational wave sources in binary systems
46/00 Sahni, Varun and Wang, Limin New cosmological model of quintessence and dark matter
47/00 Dadhich, Naresh and Banerjee, Narayan Global monopoles and scalar fields as the electrogravity dual of Schwarzschild spacetime
48/00 Ghosh, S.G. and Dadhich, Naresh On naked singularities in higher dimensional Vaidya space-times
49/00 Chakraborty, D.K. and Thakur, Parijat Projected properties of triaxial modified hubble mass models
50/00 Srianand, R. [et al.] Cosmic microwave background temperature at a redshift of 2.33771
51/00 Dadhich, Naresh and Date, G. On a peculiar family of static, axisymmetric, vacuum solutions of the Einstein equations
52/00 Roukema, B.F. and Mamon, G.A. Lifting cosmic degeneracy within a single quasar survey
53/00 Choudhury, T.Roy [et al.] Semi analytic approach to understanding the distribution of neutral hydrogen in the universe : Comparison of simulations with observations

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