Ph. D Thesis

IMPOL mounted at the Cassegrain focus of the 1.2m Gurushikhar Infrared Telescope (500K).

An imaging polarimeter (IMPOL) for multi-wavelength observations, 1998, A&AS, 128, 369 (500K) A&AS online version here.

A flexible off-axis acquisition and guidance system, 1998, Proc. of SPIE - Telescope Control Systems III, 3351, 406 (320K)

Imaging polarimetry of nearby molecular clouds, 1998, Proc. of IAU Colloquim 166 - The Local Bubble and Beyond, Lecture Notes in Physics, 506, 243 (Springer) (1.4M)

Development of and Observations with an astronomical imaging polarimeter (IMPOL) -- links to Ph. D thesis.

IMPOL User's Guide accessible here.(170K)

Gamma-ray Bursts

Cross-correlation analysis of gamma-ray burst time profiles, 1995, JA&A, Suppl. to Vol. 16, p. 141 (130K)

On the Spatial Distribution of Gamma-ray Bursts -- links to M. Sc. thesis (225K)

The host galaxy and the high redshift (z=3.42) of the gamma-ray burst 971214, 1998, Nat., 393, 35 (231K) ( (1.3M), (957K), (23K), (95K))

The afterglow of GRB971214: determination of its physical parameters, 1998, Nat., 393, 43 (188K) ( (1.3M), (68K))