Development of and Observations with an Astronomical Imaging Polarimeter (IMPOL) - Thesis

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Abstract (1.2M)

Part I - The Instrument

Chapter I - Optical Polarimetry in Astronomy (362K)

Chapter II - IMPOL - Design and Construction (788K)

Chapter III - Measurement of Polarization (140K)

Chapter IV - The Acquistion and Guidance System (196K)

Chapter V - Commissioning the Instrument (225K)

Part II - Observations

Chapter VI - Wideband Imaging Polarimetry of Field Stars Behind Bok Globules (4.5M)

Chapter VII - Magnetic Fields in Nearby Molecular Clouds (3.3M)

Appendix A - Representation of Polarized Light (69K)

Appendix B - Polarized Light in Astronomy (439K)

Appendix C - Polarization Sensitive Optical Elements (98K)

Appendix D - Observing with IMPOL (168K)

Appendix E - Observing with IMPOL - README (140K)

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