Cosmology and structure formation have been the cornerstone topics of modern astrophysical research. The new grounds to be uncovered would conceivably involve the plasma nature of the universe. Magnetic fields are ubiquitous, probed on all scales from stars to galaxies and galaxy clusters and play an important role in many cosmological contexts :

• Observations of volume filling magnetic fields in IGM would be signatures of the important physical processes in the early universe responsible for the origin of such fields.

• Magnetic fields effects are embedded in the correlations in CMB.

• At a later time, magnetic fields could modulate galaxy formation due to its stresses.

• Plasma physics is important for processes occuring in young galaxies and their feedback to IGM due to cosmic rays and winds.

• Finally, understanding the origin of magnetism in structures like galaxies and galaxy cluster is also a fundamental astrophysical problem.

Overall, there is a great potential in combining studies of the plasma nature of the universe with its formation aspect. This meeting would involve speakers with an expertise on both plasma physics and structure formation and is expected to foster collaborations towards research on problems combining these topics.

Important dates:

June 16, 2017 Workshop announcement
June 16, 2017 Registration opens
July 07, 2017 Registration deadline 
July 31, 2017 Abstract submission deadline

Organizers :

Saumyadip Samui (Presidency University)
R. Srianand (IUCAA)