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The Franco-Indian school on 'From reionization to large scale structure - a multiwavelength approach' aims to review major recent achievements with theoretical, simulation and observational results on a wide range of extragalactic astrophysical contexts such as Epoch of Reionization (EOR), Cosmology with emission and absorption lines (21-cm redshifted, CO, H-alpha, Ly-alpha etc.), Ly-alpha galaxies at high redshift, gravitational lensing, non-thermal and CO-emission in cluster of galaxies and feedback, nearby galaxies, Giant radio galaxies, AGNs, etc.

The purpose of the school is to foster discussion between theoreticians and observers, about all aspects of multiwavelength surveys (radio/IR/Optical/X-ray) with the current generation (GMRT, LOFAR, VLA, IRAM, ALMA, MUSE/VLT/ESO, HST) or upcoming ground (NenuFAR, SKA, ELT) and space-based (JWST) facilities, mainly focusing on their cosmological implications. The new upcoming observing facilities will map the large scale structure of the Universe with unprecedented accuracy and reveal the detailed expansion and growth history by answering important cosmology questions like: Formation and evolution of galaxies during EOR? How are the large scale structures (cluster, filaments, giant galaxies) formed in the Universe starting from the reionization era? Impact of dark matter on the growth of large scale structure and their galaxy population? Cold gas and star formation activity, feedback in galaxy cluster, gravitational lensing in cluster, etc.

Note: This school is only for registered Ph.D. students. Deadline for Indian participants for sending the complete application is 31st December 2017. No applications will be accepted after this date.

There are no registration fees for Indian participants and they need not fill in the details related to it in the application form. Participants will be provided free local hospitality and travel support (Train 3 AC) .

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