Quasar absorption lines have proven to be a powerful tool to obtain a detailed picture of the physical conditions associated with host active galaxy, intervening galaxies, intergalactic medium and the ISM around QSOs. A group of astronomers working in this area has been organizing regular workshops to discuss recent advances in the field.   The previous workshops were organized in Chicago (2009), Marseille (2010), Boulder (2011), Pune (2012), Marseille (2013), Paris (2014) and Pittsburgh (2016).  This year’s workshop in Pune would cover all the issues related to absorption line studies of gas in galaxies.    

In addition to the workshop, there will also be public lectures at IUCAA, Pune and University of Chicago Center, Delhi.

There will be no registration fees for the workshop.

Important dates:

June 1, 2017 Workshop announcement
July 15, 2017 Registration opens
September 15, 2017 Registration and abstract submission deadline
October 15, 2017 Hotel and Guest House block bookings expire
November 15, 2017 Release workshop program
December 12, 2017 Public lecture at IUCAA, Pune
December 12-14, 2017 Workshop at IUCAA
December 13, 2017 Workshop dinner
December 16, 2017 Public lecture at University of Chicago Center, Delhi

Important files / attachments:


Neeraj Gupta and Raghunathan Srianand (IUCAA)
Hsiao-Wen Chen and Don York (University of Chicago)

E-mail: gia2017@iucaa.in

This workshop and public lectures are supported by IUCAA, Pune & The University of Chicago Center in Delhi