Scientific Rationale:

The matured galaxies in the local universe, including our Milky Way, are composed of multiple structural components such as bulges, bars, spiral structures which form the basis for the Hubble sequence as well as the red sequence and blue clouds for galaxy classification. Understanding the formation and evolution of these internal structures is the key to our overall understanding of the evolution of galaxies across cosmic time. A number of high resolution ground-based telescopes with IFU instruments and space-based telescopes are able to probe distant galaxies as well as nearby ones with unprecedented detail -providing astronomers with simultaneous measurements of surface brightness, velocity field and metal abundance as a function of wavelength. Our Milky Way is privileged to have more than a dozens of such surveys over the last two decades, dedicated to unfolding its structures and origin - defining it as a golden era for galaxy dynamics. Keeping this in mind, we are planning to organize a series of galaxy dynamics meetings to discuss various aspects of galactic structures and their evolution and promote galaxy dynamics in the country. The first in the series will be held at IUCAA.

Some of the key issues that will be addressed in this meeting include:

  1. Origin and evolution of spiral structures.
  2. Role of bulges/bars in galaxy evolution.
  3. Thick disk formation.
Venue: IUCAA
Date: January 22 - 24, 2018

Important dates:

1st announcement: August 24, 2017
Registration opens: August 24, 2017
Registration deadline: November 5, 2017
Confirmation of participation: November 15, 2017
Programme details: December 20, 2017

Scientific Organising Committee:

  • Francoise Combes (Observatoire de Paris, France)
  • Somak Raychaudhury(IUCAA, India)
  • Ortwin Gerhard (MPE, Germany)
  • Chanda Jog (IISc, India)
  • Peter Erwin (MPE, Germany)
  • Kanak Saha (Chair, IUCAA, India)


  • Kanak Saha (IUCAA, Pune)
  • Chanda Jog (IISc, Bangalore)

This meeting is jointly supported by IUCAA (Pune) and IISc (Bangalore).

There will be no registration fee for the meeting.

In addition, the participants will be provided with free accommodation (subject to availability) and hospitality during the course of the scientific meeting.

Number of participants (limited): ~50

For any queries: Please write email to -