Probing the Universe with several missions have improved our understanding and unveiled many cosmic mysteries over the last three decades. It has strengthened our theoretical models and also brought several enigmatic conclusions which are yet to be verified and understood. Next generation cosmology missions stand on the shoulders of the current knowledge and promise to bring the unexplored scientific knowledge and fortify the understanding of the Universe. Future missions will explore an enormous redshift range of the Universe and are promising not only to improve the current observations but also to explore several unfolded but guaranteed cosmic signatures marked during different epochs of its evolution. From the late time cosmic acceleration to pre-recombination epoch, Universe will be observed by different electromagnetic wavelengths and also by the cosmic gravitational waves.

The path of the future missions is promising but extremely challenging and hence requires sophisticated scientific tools, data analysis techniques, and theoretical understanding to reach the next landmark of our understanding of the Universe. This conference provides a platform for discussing the scientific outcomes and corresponding challenges from the next generation cosmology missions. It brings an opportunity for the young researchers of the country to understand the scientific vision from the next generation missions and its scope to understand the cosmic secrets.


    • Big data and Statistical Challenges
    • Cosmic Microwave Background
    • Cosmology with 21 cm
    • Cosmology with Gravitational Waves
    • Early Universe and inflation
    • Large Scale Structure
    • Next generation missions and prospects

Important Dates

Dates of event 09th - 12th October, 2017
Registration deadline 01st September, 2017
Abstract submission deadline 25th August, 2017
Announcement of participants list 15th September, 2017


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