Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA)

General Instructions:

1. The features asked in Annexure V- Part 1, were taken from DCIG (Data Center Infrastructure group) which surveyed the PBBA in the market and categorized the features accordingly. Part-2 is generic questionnaire specific to backup technology posed to a PBBA vendor  Therefore, claim from certain vendors indicating  that some of the features, are proprietary and vendor specific in nature,  is meaningless.  It has been found that there are two categories of vendors that offer PBBA i.e  One offering all in one solution and  the other offering a purpose built storage appliance along with software  loaded on  a stand alone  management console. Therefore features found in category one may be absent in category 2 and vice versa.

2. Please note that most of the features asked for, need to be demonstrated with real data volume during the installation time since POC is done on a very small data size.  For eg., backing up and restoring 35 million files will be tested during the installation time.

3. The RFP has been revised based on the inputs received from the vendors and the internal committee members, Therefore, the revised RFP should be used as a reference.

4. Please do not forget to submit 1) relevant documents ( White papers / Brochures) to support the features asked for and 2) pictorial representation of overall proposed solution with proper SAN/ LAN connectivity diagrams.

Please click below links to see Questionnaire raised by vendors and responses given by IUCAA.